Dr. (VAK / RF) Gregory V. Brodsky -  Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynecology (GMC/UK)

Dr. Brodsky

Dear Patients,
Dear Colleagues,

Each end always brings a new beginning. I have taken over this practice at Oberhofer Platz 4, 80807 Munich from Dr. med. R. Hampe, who went on in his well deserved retirement after 37 years of practical work. The first five years as a newly-established gynecological practice in Munich-Milbertshofen are now behind us, and even more challenges and tasks are ahead of us.

I have familiarized myself with the structures and processes of the practice and have already made initial decisions for the needed changes. So now our practice can offer you the entire spectrum of the modern gynecological service in terms of medical expertise, equipment and personnel.

Since the beginning of my activity, I have been focusing on the best possible quality of medical care. The most essential aspect is the structured everyday processes and optimally coordinated cooperation in the practice. Short waiting time and friendly service provided by our well-trained employees always make our patients feel at ease. Despite a number of everyday challenges, we are convinced that we, as a well-organized team, can overcome them successfully.

I always take all the necessary "equipment" with me, which is: over 20 years of clinical experience in practical obstetrics and gynecology as well as reproductive medicine in Germany and abroad; a lot of experience in the fundamental research, numerous publications, and especially a lot of courage and strength.

I stand for a new start in the practice and for helpful and efficient collaboration with my colleagues, family doctors, specialists and psychotherapists. Only together we can achieve our goals! I would be also happy to meet personally in the next few weeks at one of those regional doctors meetings.

We are here for you and always look forward to harmonious cooperation with you.

With friendly collegial greetings,
Dr. (VAK / RF) Gregory V. Brodsky



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